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The world has changed!

An education based on peace and non-violence
More stressful lifestyles, longer journeys, increasingly demanding professional competition, growing performances, incessant new technologies, permanent tensions and the precious time we miss so much leaving our children much more on their own. with for company tv-nanny ... All these factors have led to transformations in the psyche of our children and therefore in their social and intellectual behavior.

The world has changed. The teaching must change! The TIS has chosen to adapt, to precede this mutation.

An education based on peace and non-violence

Known personality: Gandhi, lawyer

In India, the International Day of Non-Violence is January 30th (birth of Gandhi). TIS is an emancipatory and humanistic school.

Autonomy, Respect, Openness. Communication, conflict resolution and cultural tolerance are qualities that the school strongly encourages and that students need to develop.

The development and autonomy of each are also two important points that are developed throughout their academic progress.

The educational philosophy of the school places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, creativity and achievement.

By providing the child with activities to make him more independent, he is allowed to take some insurance while teaching him new skills. It helps to develop qualities such as calm, concentration, cooperation, mutual help, sociability. It helps to build self-confidence, self-esteem, love of knowledge and taste for effort. He learns to make choices, to take responsibility. A child happy to come to school is a happy child to learn.

The strengths of TIS

Among the many strong points of the Tahiti International School, we will particularly remember these:

- Teaching 4 foreign languages (FR, EN, ES, CHN)
- limited classes
- competence, experience, motivation, continuing education of faculty
- "gift" courses (methodology, exam preparation, philosophy and general culture from the 4th year)
- personalized follow-up of each student
- child-teacher-parent cooperation
- reading time, speaking, assembly, speaking in public
- no teacher absenteeism
- schedules (classes begin at 8:20, from Monday to Friday all day)
- the situation of the school and its swimming lessons in the lagoon
- school open to parents every day and all day

A stimulation of the creative sense of each

The philosophy of Tahiti International School is to promote, in a way spontaneous development of all aspects of the child's personality. One of the primary goals of education is to develop the child's objective foundation for self-esteem.

TIS aims to develop the child's habit of work, concentration and organization, understanding instructions. The development of everyone's creative sense is part of it.

Teaching at the service of the whole child

Teaching at TIS is more than an evolution, it's a revolution.

The school is a place for the flourishing of work and socialization. It is the high place of learning. Small staff, exceptional supervision. Bilingual teachers (4 languages) very competent, attentive to the student's learning as well as to his or her development.

Every child is different; their pace of development is so too. TIS thus promotes individual follow-up.

The educational foundations of TIS

Tahiti International School is the first multilingual international school in French Polynesia. Its pedagogical foundations are based on both personal development and academic performance. A philosophy that goes beyond regular academic programs.

The establishment offers a level of training that meets the highest standards.

TIS aims not only to prepare its students to excel academically, but to teach them that "education is a process of life".

This holistic approach not only produces outstanding academic pedigree students, but also enables the individual to thrive in an environment where community spirit, resilience and social skills are considered to be of vital importance. Our students are responsible and help shape the future successfully.

Given the rich cultural diversity created by all students, courses from various countries are offered, including the British system (Cambridge), various educational tools (Singapore) and the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate). .

The school gives itself the challenge to stimulate the personality of each student and thus allow his students to become the great leaders of tomorrow.

A school just for everyone and demanding for everyone.

A school with a human dimension.

TIS in a few key words

Instruction and Education

- Education - Etymology: from the Latin ex-ducere which means to guide, to leave; to get out of oneself, to develop, to blossom
- Instruction, educate: to transmit to the future generation a certain amount of knowledge
- Elitism for all!
- Academic excellence does not rhyme with social excellence!
- KNOWLEDGE is the foundation of TIS pedagogy.
- The well-being conditions the know-how. Children who are happy to come to school are happy to learn.

A school can be benevolent only if it is simultaneously demanding and rigorous.

To achieve this…

Montessori inspired pedagogy, benevolence, multilingual education, small staff, educational tools (Cambridge program, National Education, maths = Singapore), qualified and bilingual faculty.

We must not act on the child but encourage the child to act

Famous personalities from Montessori inspired education:

- The founders of Google , Serge Brin and Larry Page
- The founder of Amazon.com , Jeff Bezos
- Will Wright, the inventor of Sims and developer of Spore and SimCity .

"Montessori taught me the joy of discovery. This showed me that one could be interested in complex theories, like those of Pythagoras for example, playing with cubes. It is about learning for oneself rather than receiving the teaching of the teacher. SimCity is directly derived from Montessori - if you give people this model of building cities they will draw the principles of urbanism.

The future belongs to them

Subjects taught in French and English

Let's not forget: language is a means of expression, a means of acquiring knowledge. The mastery of expression is the mastery of thought. The general subjects taught at TIS are taught in French but some of them (and not the least!) are also taught in English (mix of accents because our teachers come from various English-speaking countries, reading books, grammar, sketches, poems).
English from kindergarten and continuously.

Many educational projects are also in English. Some examples of projects
- FEDESCOL: food in the world, food, hunger in the world and its reasons (climate, wars), irrigation, food waste, the law on supermarkets
- Zero waste lunch box: solutions (governmental and local actions)
- Healthy food (food additives, sugars, pesticides)
- Shoe box (collection)
- Faapu

Mandarin and Spanish classes complete the linguistic approach of our little students.

The future belongs to them

Our students will thus have all the assets in hand to integrate the university of their choice and this, where they will wish it in the world (France, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Spain, ...).

The ideal environment for your children's education

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