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    Tahiti International School (TIS)

    Tahiti International School (TIS)

The founders

Living since 1998 in Polynesia, Sandy and Philippe created in 2011 Tahiti International School, the first private international school in Polynesia. The idea of this project was born from the desire to give to their two daughters the possibility to follow a teaching in several languages, this in a framework accompanying with a benevolent faculty, and graduated.

From one thing to another, the TIS project has come to fruition and developed.


Our primary school is a Montessori inspired education. Our elementary and secondary school is a mix of project-based learning, traditional French standards and interdisciplinary work. Our secondary classes use Socratic seminars, Harkness discussions, and allow time and instruction for the baccalaureate exams. Tahiti International School is accredited by the Ministry of National Education.


Instructors at TIS blend a wide array of teaching styles throughout different disciplines and divisions. These include but are not limited to our Montessori inspired school, project based inquiry and a discussion based model of student centered learning.

Academic Calendar

We follow a French academic calendar. The school starts on September 1st and ends on June 27th, and we are leaving for the Christmas holidays from January 12th to 9th, as well as for other holidays throughout the year. The school operates on a quarterly calendar. Please see the pdf for more details.

Tahiti International School

To learn is to discover.

And to learn in English is to open the doors of the world.

The first international school in Polynesia, Tahiti International School (TIS) provides instruction in French in all classes, so far from the small section of kindergarten. The goal is to become a member school of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and to allow access to school from the age of 5 years.

The general subjects taught at TIS are taught in French but some of them (and not the least!) Are also taught in English.

Mandarin and Spanish classes complete the linguistic approach of our students. The future belongs to them. Our educational policy, the material implemented and the teaching philosophy are oriented in this direction. TIS students will therefore have all the assets to integrate French, American, New Zealand, Australian, English, Canadian and Spanish-speaking universities, thanks to the Spanish taught as a third language at CP.

The philosophy of the school is to stimulate the desire and the desire to learn. The teaching methods used by bilingual or anglophone teachers allow each child to flourish, to develop his taste for discovery while respecting humanistic values. Enlightened and curious, students acquire all the skills and qualities they will need in their future adult life.

While waiting to be authorized to teach the IB program by becoming a member institution, the TIS International School offers educational content based on that of the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

The teaching of French is also scrupulously followed with courses in literature and the production of writings. All subjects "traditionally" taught in French schools, such as grammar, conjugation and spelling, are also deepened.

Thanks to this comprehensive and international educational program, all TIS students can, as soon as they wish, resume the curriculum of their original education system or integrate the one of their choice.

Life at School

Consult the school rules online
Life at school revolves around rules of procedure and "rules of life". Students are invited to comment on any internal issues that concern them. Also this year, we started "Assembly" which allows us to gather, students and teachers every Thursday and share ideas and answer each other's questions. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are open and are also available to out-of-school children at TIS.

The school holidays of TIS are based on the calendar of the current school year, issued by the Ministry of Education of French Polynesia.

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Elementary & Middle School
Our elementary and middle school divisions both implement project based learning prominently throughout their curriculum. Our teachers focus a great deal of attention on our students' ability to develop interpersonal and critical thinking skill sets in interactive student-centered lessons. Language acquisition is also a central tenet and all of our elementary and middle school students take regular classes in both Mandarin and Spanish in addition to their coursework in English and French.
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Our secondary division is a blend of an emphasis on the humanities, linguistic acquisition in Mandarin and Spanish, inter-discipline projects and a rigorous preparation for the French DNB exams. Although we are not defined by the respective standardized testing our curriculum supports we feel confident that the preparation is deliberate and adequate for our students to achieve successful results.
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Parent Teacher Association
Our PTA is a group of dedicated and invested parents whose tireless involvement in the school is a large part of the success enjoyed by TIS. As a prospective parent you should know that we welcome and embrace your involvement and suggestions in our open campus policy. We appreciate and indeed thrive on constructive criticism and observations of classes.
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monthly fee from

58'000XPF *

French - English (6th included), options in supplement. TIS also offers optional courses in Spanish, Mandarin, Tahitian, and Samoa. But also, violin, guitar, piano and dance.
Save on daycare and extracurricular activities as students are in class on Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons. (Fencing lessons, tennis, art, singing, theater, swimming pool in English according to the schedules).


And more...

Classes schedule

Tahiti International School is inspired by the Finnish model, whose reputation is second to none.

The Pets

The pet is for the child a potential playful, emotional, educational, even therapeutic, extraordinary, which could be put to profit in school and medical.
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