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First UNESCO school in Polynesia

Bilingual School of Polynesia (Trilingual, Multilingual) - Private - Montessori - Excellence and Kindness


School of the world

Mission : Tahiti International School aims to prepare students for the globalized world through a rigorous bilingual program that adresses the need for muticultural students with a diverse understanding and consideration of the world we live in. Respect and comunication function as the base of our student-teacher relationships.



We are located on the island of Tahiti but our students and faculty come from all over the globe and we reflect and embrace our ethnic and cultural diversity in the curriculum we design, the way we approach learning, and the values we instill in our students.
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Mediation
  • Dedication to excellence
  • Being Positive Members of our community and society as well as the physical environment that we inhabit.
Ecole Bilingue de Polynésie - Tahiti International School


TIS offers pick up and drop off in our school bus. Depending on where you live relative to the school, the cost varies. The school bus arrives at school at 8AM and leaves TIS at 4:25PM daily.


TIS offers a healthy and delicious lunch option every day in partnership with local service providers.


TIS operates from 8:20AM-3:20PM but we offer after school homework sessions from 3:30-4:30PM and supervision for students waiting to be picked up by parents between 4:30-6PM.


TIS A SCHOOL A LA CARTE AND WITH OPTIONS. NEW CLASSES TOTALLY BILINGUAL: PRIMARY BILINGUAL - French - English (6th included) from 58'000XPF, options in supplement.

About Us

Tahiti International School was founded in 2010 by Philippe and Sandy Stora in an effort to offer a style and quality of education that does not exist otherwise in French Polynesia.

The Storas have lived on the island of Tahiti for over 20 years and have two daughters who call TIS home. The community of Tahiti International School has grown and evolved dramatically in recent years but will always remain a reflection of the founding principles of kindness and a dedication to excellence.

Sandy & Philippe Stora

Learning 4 languages

Quality English teaching in all classes, from the small kindergarten section (Montessori alternative pedagogy), and Spanish and Mandarin in the preparatory course (CP).

Chartered School

Formerly Association law 1901, our school is today a EURL which received the approval of the Ministry of Education on July 2, 2014.

Holidays Camps

An excellent alternative to language courses based on various workshops where learners are fully immersed.

After School

Study times are offered every evening with a teacher per level from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.



Peace education course: mediation, CNV, cooperation, civism, meditation...


Vegetable garden (faapu), recycling, compost, waste sorting...
Ecole Bilingue de Polynésie - Tahiti International School
Ecole Bilingue de Polynésie - Tahiti International School


Tahiti International School (TIS) is the first international school in Polynesia. Our school is accredited by the Ministry of National Education and is part of the UNESCO schools network.

The goal is to become a member school of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

The philosophy of the school is to stimulate the desire to learn.

The pedagogical methods used by French, English, Chinese and Spanish teachers allow each child to flourish, to develop his taste for discovery while respecting humanistic values.

Enlightened and curious, students acquire all the skills and qualities they will need in their future adult life.

Our focus is on excellence in education and our major goal is to take our students to become responsible, respectful and open citizens to the 21st century globalized world. From this perspective, languages are taught by native and graduate teachers.

This allows our French-speaking students to obtain a very advanced level of academic English by following the National Education program in French.

Our English-speaking students maintain their English level while gaining a thorough knowledge of the French language. The Montessori alternative pedagogy applies from the small section of kindergarten to the large section.

Subjects taught at TIS

Differential method applied


Workshops of artistic awakening articulated around various media, such as painting, theater, music and singing...


Education mainly in French and English, but TIS also offers classes in Spanish and Mandarin.

Sport, Music, Danse

Various and varied activities adapted to all levels. Option: piano and drum.

History & Geography

Learning History of France and Geography.


Fun discovery of the world of ideas by an interactive practice.


Teaching subjects related to science and mathematics.
Ecole Bilingue de Polynésie - Tahiti International School

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What type of curriculum do you follow at school?
At Tahiti International School we have a French standards based curriculum which focuses on math, sciences, critical thinking, depth of thought, culture, art, philosophy and language acquisition. We run a bilingual instruction program with small class sizes on a beautiful lagoon front campus on the island of Tahiti. Our primary school is based on the Montessori pedagogy and our middle school is project based learning. We have a curricular emphasis on languages and offer classes in Mandarin, English and Spanish to all students. Tahiti International School is accredited by the French Ministry of Education.
What academic calendar do you follow?
We follow a French academic calendar. The school starts in mid-August and ends at the end of June, and we are on Christmas holiday for 1 month as well as other holidays during the year. The school operates on a quarterly schedule. Please see the pdf for more details.
Is English the language of instruction?
We run a bilingual English and French curriculum here at Tahiti International School and the proportions of language instruction vary from division to division as we accommodate a wide range of student ages as a K-12 school. Many of our students arrive needing 1:1 or small group tutoring in English or French and we have a language acquisition program in place that differentiates based on initial need and progress. We have had students who arrive speaking neither French nor English, however. As an academic institution that focuses on language acquisition as a central tenet we take the challenge of language skill sets seriously and work with students on an as-needed basis based on initial assessment and progress. We also have classes in mandarin and Spanish at TIS.
Do you offer lunch or transportation?
Yes, we offer lunch in partnership with external and local service providers as well as transportation via our TIS bus. Please see our fare card for details.
New classes Totally bilingual. PRIMARY BILINGUAL - French - English (6th included) from 58'000 XPF and options in supplement.
With always the possibility to make Spanish and Chinese optional as well as lessons of piano and drum.

Our annual tuition can be paid over 12 months.

We propose lunches option payable per month. Lunch costs can be integrated into the monthly tuition invoices.

We offer pick up and drop off busing to/from TIS. Depending on where you live relative to the school, the cost varies. These costs can be factored into tuition invoices.

After school study, we propose after school study programs, payable option as well as complimentary supervision until 6pm.

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The philosophy of the TIS and all programming are based on the principles of two sources: PISA and Eduscol (the national portal of professional education).

Download the document opposite for more details.
For more information, please visit the Eduscol website: http://eduscol.education.fr

Classes schedule

Tahiti International School is inspired by the Finnish model, whose reputation is second to none.

The animals with TIS

The pet is for the child a potential playful, emotional, educational, even therapeutic, extraordinary, which could be put to profit in school and medical.
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